Code Forward Design Challenge

We're glad you're here -

  • Professor Aardvark is back with, "Professor Aardvark's Asteroid Journey!"
  • The HSDC volunteer team is hard at work developing a brand-new Unity Game Platform virtual environment
  • At launch, the platform will be rudimentary, and we will need your help to evolve the environment
  • The Design Challenge Competition will be an exciting event showcasing your team's skills at completing the Challenges while setting the stage for next year's bigger goal for a richer environment and new Challenges
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The Professor Challenges You -

Professor Aardvark, previously secured in the International Space Station, discovers a group of strange asteroids with peculiar trajectories traveling through our solar system. With the aid of his daughter, Arianna, a fleet of drone spaceships is quickly built in secret by the worlds' governments to investigate the asteroids. Arianna organizes student teams to pilot the drone ships, as she and her father pilot the primary ship towards the asteroids. Teams must fly in completed formations around the primary ship in order to make precise VLBI measurements of the asteroids. Be part of the student teams in Professor Aardvark's Asteroid Journey!

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