Story So Far - HSDC

It all started with an overexcitable aardvark...

A few years ago, in 2015, an evil yet ingenious aardvark professor named Professor Aardvark (PA) threatened to turn Brevard County residents into small furry critters using his "hyper-mutation bomb", in an effort to balance the local habitat. He argued that it would be the most ideal way to "take care" of the pesky humans that were wrecking havoc on the local environment. Fortunately, local area students used science and some clever programming to defeat his evil plans, and keep him from becoming the original Thanos. He was apprehended, and the danger was thought to be over.

Little did anyone know, but PA has a daughter, Arianna Aardvark (AA). She is as clever as her father, and schemed to break him out of prison. Her attempts were thwarted, again with the help of local area students and their awesome STEM skills.

HSDC 16 Logo
HSDC 16 Fall Logo

To avert any future menace, local area students were sought out for additional assistance, this time developing launch and docking capabilities to confine PA in a secure holding facility on the International Space Station (ISS). Surely keeping him contained on orbit would prevent any further schemeing against the poor residents of Brevard County, who got back to watching their rocket launches (and landings!) in peace.

After having some time to ponder his actions, PA was appropriately contrite. As a result, he was permitted to enjoy some quality time with his darling daughter. They decided to take up a hobby of simulated sailboat racing. AA developed a digital sailboat, and PA created an Artificial Intelligence (AI) to pilot it on the most efficient path. As a demonstration of his reformed behavior, PA and AA invited students from across the country to race their own digital sailboats. A great time was had by all!

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The great time was so great in fact, that everyone involved decided to repeat the simulated sailboat challenge. Some additional improvements were made to the platform, and new courses were added to keep things fresh. While PA was enjoying his quality sailing time with his daughter though, he also began looking outward...and was fascinated by what he saw...